Interior Décor Planning Tips.

Building a  new home is one of life’s most important decisions, So it’s worth getting it right. Interior designing in a new house is a really important part. Interior design brings soul to your new build home. 

 If you follow our product list, You can get new extensions ideas for your brand new house. Also, it is not that much of a hard process. 

We JDN designs like to help you with some new ideas. That helps you with your brand new home. 

Home designing can become quite hard for you if you don’t know where to begin.  In the end, all your extensions should be perfectly blended. It is surely great if the full interior shows your lifestyle, uniqueness and individuality. 

We can give you some golden ideas to start up your process of interior designing. 

Interior extension ideas for your brand new home. 

A new home is always like a blank page of a book. So you can create your dreams on an empty surface. Also, you can show your friends, family, and even visitors how you go through your new house decoration.

Find your style that shows who you truly are 

Before starting the decorating process, you should be specific about your inspirations.  House always reflects yourself and home is the best place to relax your self. Creating an inspirational and creative environment inside your house is important. Understanding how you want your new home to look and feel is the most important part. 

The best way to start your process is by collecting various sample images that you think inspire. If you don’t have any design ideas you can always scroll through our Instagram and FacebookDefine your style before you start your design.  This will help you and your interior decorator during the actual decorating process. Also, this helps you make your dream interior decor more realistic. 

You can decorate your house in a modern, contemporary or traditional style which trending. 


 Plan your budget 

Interior designing is not a simple work planning cost beforehand is important to you and your interior designer. 

Everyone assumes that interior and exterior designing is really expensive. But if you can determine what is your basic requirement you can save and manage your budget. 

Understand the scope of your design. 

Are you looking for renovating and decorate your current living room with new colour paint? Is it decor for your current bathroom? What kind of update you are looking for is the best way to understand your project scope.  Having a clear and realistic scope helps to cut down the overhead of your project. 

Understanding the size of the part that you are willing to upgrade or renovate or decorate is the other important part.

The budgets are the main drive in the project. Make a list of what is needed and desired for your space and prioritize. Then, you will know what portion of your budget is allotted to each decor piece. Make sure there’s a bit of wiggle room for unexpected costs like repairs, shipping, or must-have pieces you’ve fallen for.

Experiment to find your passion 

When you find your passion or the style that you can start with experimenting. Experiments help to discover the hidden style that you couldn’t discover in the above steps.  The liking always gets change with time. Experimenting is the best way to understand unchangeable facts. Also, this is the best way to explore new themes. 

We have the best and well-experienced people for your help and need. They have been guiding for a long time customers to make their dream house into reality. You can always contact us for free counselling. We are really happy to help you and guide you through this process. 

We JDN believe pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the best way to start the experiment. Keep your experiment narrow.


Here is some experiment that you can discover yourself 

Play around with colours

Experiment with artificial plants and flowers

Select the perfect paint for your walls

Add new furniture to your living room. 

Don’t hesitate in investing in a comfy bed along with the mattress